You Can Beat The 'Big Guys' and Hire The Best Talent

Employer brand is how small companies can compete for great talent with anyone and win.

This will teach you the core ideas of employer branding and walk you through a 12-week step-by-step sprint. When you're done, your brand will attract more great people, build better relationships with hiring managers and lower your recruiting costs.

Hiring "the usual way" isn't working for you anymore.

For companies with 100-1,000 employees, the ones who need new staff to grow but don't have an obvious commercial brand or name recognition to leverage, focusing on job boards and ads won't attract the talent you need. You only need to look at your own data to see that that's true.

Traditional recruiting ignores 95% of your potential talent audience. It requires spending money on people who were going to see your job opening for free anyway.

You don't need a new platform or recruiting tool. You need use your employer brand. Your brand will:

🔥 Attract people most recruiting tools will never reach.

🔥 Make all your existing recruiting tactics work better.

🔥 Make all your recruiting tactics work better.

Most companies think of employer branding as something only "big companies" can afford or do.

But that's not true. You have a brand, you just need to know how to use it.

At only 30 minutes a day, you are 12 weeks away from a clear, attractive and effective employer brand.

This program will give you:

🔥 Eight different ways along the candidate journey to embed your brand message.

🔥 A structure for writing employer branding content that works.

🔥 A 12-week step-by-step calendar to activate your brand (without paying for anything new).

🔥 A LinkedIn process that will get you more reach and attention, regardless of the content.

🔥 The confidence to use your employer brand to win the "war for talent."

If you feel like David in a fight with Goliath for talent, this is the sling.

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I am super pumped about this new project because I know what kind of material impact it will have on your company's ability to hire, no matter what size you are.

-James Ellis

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